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Ericka Rivera

Finance & Asset Management Analyst

Ericka developed an early interest in the Business world for she grew up with her dad managing an international franchise for 25 years; She will observe with details of how the company was being run; starting from the Sales Department to the operations management and last the Accounting Department. There she realized that Accounting was in the picture of her future. Due to this, she decided to follow her interest and went to school to start a degree. In 2012, she received her degree in AA Accounting/Business Administration with Honors. In 2018, she graduated from Florida International University with a dual degree in Finance and Banking. Ericka is a wife and became a mother while attending school, she was trying to juggle between her school responsibilities as well as a first-time mom. This experience not only was challenging but made her stronger and determined in her Goals.

CliftonStrengthsFinder® Top Five Strengths: Strategic, Developer, Learner, Communication, Arranger